Friday, November 09, 2012

MAC Frost Lipstick: Bombshell (Swatches and First Impression)

This is the first Frost MAC lipstick that I've tried. I wanted it because it looked good on one of the YouTube beauty gurus that I watch. Haha! I'll reserve my comment for later.

MAC Frost Lipstick in Bombshell

MAC Bombshell Swatch

MAC Bombshell when worn

First Impressions:

It's very sheer and shimmery. I guess the reason why it looked so good on the guru I mentioned earlier was that it was so sheer, and what I was seeing was her natural lip color.

If you want a shade that will look like your natural lip color, only a little bit pinker and a whole lot shimmery, then this is the shade for you! However, if you are one of those who shy away from frosty lip shades, then don't bother with this one. This is the frostiest lipstick I've tried so far. Haha!

Hope you find this helpful!


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