Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Past Nails: Pink to Red

This was the latest nail design I used. My nails are bare right now. Not necessarily for school, but just because I lack time to do it.

What I used:
For the lightest pink I used Revlon Top Speed in Candy, which I already posted about. here. The middle pink is Dashing Diva in Prima Donna Pink, which I also posted about, here. The red one is Essie in Jelly Apple.

It's really pretty simple to do. I didn't even do the it perfectly, but I liked the final product. I just used Candy as the base color, and let it dry. I then applied Prima Donna Pink on top of Candy, on 3/4 of my nail. I added Jelly Apple on the tips, in a way that the colors have an almost equal appearance on each nail. 

That's it! Hope you liked it!


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