Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past Nails: A Little Bling

My sister bought this nail art kit where you get different colors of flower-shaped rhinestones. It came with nail glue (which, upon reading the ingredients I learned, is just super glue), and a wood stick for easy application. She said she bought it for us, which actually means "I'll share it with you, as long as you apply it on me". Haha!

My sister's nails:

I lost a couple of rhinestones while doing this. I don't really advise using tweezers, since it has the tendency to scratch the polish you used as base. I used the wooden stick to apply the glue on the nails, then I just placed the stone on the nails by hand. There were instances where I'd get super glue on my hands, but that happened when I placed the glue on the rhinestone first. When you apply he glue on the nail first, you provide a guide where you plan to place the stone. It's easier that way.

Nail art rhinestone kit was purchased from Watsons. I don't remember the exact price, but it is around 60-80 Php.

Hope you liked this!

Sorry for not being able to blog that much, I'm still adjusting to med school! Hope you understand! Also, I've planned to do FOTD posts, but at the age of 22, I just started having groups of pimples on my face! It's terrible! I'll reschedule that to when I don't have them anymore. I really hope that's soon.