Monday, May 28, 2012

I Won a Makeup Giveaway!

Yay! It's my first time to win anything from the internet. I love giveaways! I remember when I was younger, I joined a giveaway being held by a magazine I've been reading at that time. It was for a plush keychain! I sent a text message to some number, and a month after, I learned that I won that keychain. What's funny about the story is that I had to claim the prize somewhere that wasn't near our place. My parents always joked about how the gas money to get to that place was way more expensive than my prize. Oh well, they were right. Haha! And I don't even remember what happened to that keychain. :P

I just wanted to share this with you since I'm going to swatch my prizes soon! I'm also thinking of a challenge based on one of the prizes. I'll announce it soon!

I won palettes from Pixi Beauty! Pixi Beauty is created by Petra Strand, and is launched in London.
Here are my prizes:

Pixi Pretty Eye Perfection Palette

Pixi Week of Wakeup Makeup

I cannot tell you how excited I am for these products, especially for the Week of Wakeup Makeup! I have special plans for that one! ;)

By the way, I won this from a giveaway Crystal or crystalis007 on her blog and YouTube! If you don't know her, she gives awesome reviews of a lot of beauty products. You can view here blog here, and her YouTube channel here.

That's it! Swatches soon!


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