Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Current Nails: Sugar Daddy Pink Chocolate Gradient Nails

I decided to try the gradient nails for the second time. This time, I only used two colors. I wanted it to be simple and summer-y. I used Essie's Sugar Daddy as the base color, and Orly's Pink Chocolate as the darker shades. 

Personally, I liked my first try better. The sponge I used was the reason why this is so. The one I used for the second one was the leftover sponge, and it was kind of deteriorating. The star behind the gradient nail design is the sponge! A good sponge will result to a better nail design. Also, I really like it when there's a middle color. I guess it is okay if you're using two light colors, and the change in color would be gradual.

I also added a bling to my ring fingers. My sister bought this Nail Art Kit with 12 colors of tiny stones. I glued them on, and added a top coat!

Hope you liked this design!


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