Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Current Nails: Pink to Purple Gradient Nails

I saw blog and Instagram posts with gradient nails, and I really wanted to try it out! So here's my first attempt! Luckily, I have a spare cosmetic sponge that time. I'm quite happy with it. :)

I really had fun doing this, that I tried it on my sister, but with different colors. I wanted to try it out on my mom, but she thought it wasn't age-appropriate. Haha!

If you're interested on how to make this, I just searched for tutorials on YouTube. It's really easy! You just need a cosmetic sponge. You can cut it to pieces to save the other parts. I also use cotton buds to clean up excess polish outside the nails. :)

Oh! For this, I used Revlon Top Speed polish in Candy, and The Face Shop's PP406 and PP409. It's actually better if you use a fast drying nail polish as the base color!

I'm excited to try out other combos!


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