Saturday, April 14, 2012

Collective Makeup Haul!

Hello everyone! I know it's been more than a week since my last entry, and I'm sorry. However, I have a makeup haul that I'm pretty excited about. I have tried most of the products that I will mention, and as usual, I will post a review after a month of using it. I will also write separate entries for some of these products, to be able to show you the colors, and how it looks like when worn.

Without further ado, here's my haul.

Orly Calcium Shield
Price: 245 Php at First Aid

I got this because I needed a new base coat, and my sister recommended this. It's supposed to strengthen your nails, and that's exactly what my brittle nails need.

Marionnaud N38 Double-sided brush
Price: 60 Php at Watsons

This is my new brow brush. I love that it is double-sided. I use the brush side to put on the shadow to my brows, and the spoolie brush to kind of spread the color out, and of course, to comb out my brows.

Mac Lipstick in Plumful
Price: 1000 Php

I wanted to get this the same day I got Craving, but it was out of stock then. I plan to do a separate swatch post for this lipstick. :)

Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer
Price: 385 Php

My first decent eyeshadow primer! I say decent because I got Ellana's eyeshadow primer, and reviewed it here. So far, I love this primer!

Mac Mineralize Eyes hadow in Summer Haze
Price: 1,200 Php 

I wanted this eye shadow the first time I saw it on Ingrid or missglamorazzi's video. If you like watching beauty vlogs, you can view her YouTube channel here. I'm really happy I got this.

Maybelline Magnum Mascara
Price: 399 at Mercury Drug

This is the washable one. I ran out of my CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara, and thought I'd try this one out. I think this is the Asian equivalent of their Colossal Mascara.

Revlon Just Bitten
Price: 595 Php at Watsons

I'm surprised that this didn't get that much hype. I got two of the darkest colors. I want to get all the colors! I'm also going to be doing a separate entry for this product.

Benefit's Cabana Glama
Price: 2000 Php

My first Benefit purchase! I haven't used this yet, but when I do, I'll let you know! Emily Eddington, emilynoel83 on YouTube just got this, too! Check out her YouTube channel here. I'm really excited about this product! 

Last is an organizer.

Acrylic Lipstick Rack
Price: 99.75 each at Landmark

I got two of the ones with 9 slots instead of getting one that can hold more, because I'm going to be staying in a dorm soon, and I don't plan to bring all my lipsticks with me. I thought I'd have one here at home, and I'll just bring my most worn lipsticks. If I get more lipsticks, I might need to get another one of these. :P

That's it for my makeup haul. I posted all the prices and where I got them, so that if you're interested you can check it out. I know for myself, that posting the prices will help interested readers, a lot!

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