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Products I’m Trying Out: Etude House, Nyx, and Revlon (Mini Haul)

Written February 22, 2012

Something I really wanted to try out for so long, is Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation. I’m actually new to this liquid foundation thing. Before, I would just use my Maybelline Mineral Powder Foundation, and it would be enough. During the latter part of 2011, I started using Maybelline’s BB Cream. I still use it sometimes.
I guess since December 2011, I’ve been trying out new products, makeup wise. I tried Maybelline’s Mineral Liquid Foundation, which is also good enough for me. However, when I started subscribing to beauty vlogs on YouTube, all of them raved about Revlon ColorStay Foundation. The factor that really made me want to buy this product, is that they have two kinds of this ColorStay Foundation. They have a line for dry/normal skin, and one for oily/combination. Many oily/combination skinned people have attested the wonders of this foundation. Being an oily/combination skin type myself, I was really intrigued. Come February, I gave in and bought one!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Natural Beige for Combination/Oily Skin
Price: 825 Php at Watsons

I wasn’t really sure of my shade. I was about to get the Nude, since it was the same shade as my Maybelline Minerals Liquid Foundation in Shell Beige. I went for a shade lighter, since I think that Nude was lighter than my skin tone. It turns out that Natural Beige is just right for me, even though it looks pinkish when swatched! :)
I’m pretty sure this foundation would end up in February Faves. I love it, but I won’t review it just yet.
Next would be the latest addition to my lipstick collection. My first Nyx lipstick! Nyx products are very hard to find here in the Philippines. They’re not available in drugstores or department stores. I was just lucky enough to find a store that sells (very limited) Nyx products. Beauty Cocktails at Glorietta, sells imported beauty products. I have a long list of Nyx lipsticks that I wanted to try, but not one in my list was available when I went there. I still bought one, though. Haha! :lol:

Nyx Lipstick in Gardenia 

Nyx Lipstick in Gardenia swatch

How do I describe this? It’s a fuchsia pink color? Not sure. Haha! I like the quality of the lipstick. It has really good staying power! That’s the first thing I noticed with this. The color, however, is not an everyday color for me. I would totally purchase more of these when Beauty Cocktails restocks (and when I have money to buy! haha). Have I mentioned that Nyx lipsticks are totally cheap? I know I didn’t buy it at it’s original price, but even at 299 Php, it’s pretty cheap. This is the cheapest lipstick that I own! :P
Next would be my buys from Etude House! This is my first time to buy from Etude House. I’ve pretty much ignored it whenever I see it at Watsons.
I was looking for a good product to keep the oil at my T-zone at bay. I’m currently using the Ellana Make It Last Makeup Primer, which was included in my December Faves. I love it, but it doesn’t help with my oily T-zone.
Click here to view my review of two Ellana primers.
I passed by the Etude House stall at Watsons Makati, and saw their Goodbye Pore Ever Primer in stick form. I swatched it on my skin, and it felt similar to the GoodSkin Labs’ Z-pore, in texture. I really wanted the GoodSkin one, but it’s pretty expensive especially for the size, at 1,600+ Php. So I thought I’d do some research before I go out and purchase the Etude House one. I read reviews, and the product looked promising. I decided to go out and buy it, at the same time I was going to buy my Revlon ColorStay Foundation. Sadly, it was out of stock. :( I wanted it badly! I called my eldest sister who goes to SM Megamall every day, and asked her to pick it up for me. Unfortunately, SM Megamall was out of it too! I was really tempted to drag my family to SM Clark when we went to Pampanga, just to be able to buy that primer!
A week passed, and I decided to check SM Makati again, but they were still out. I decided to go SM Bicutan today, just to be able to buy this primer. I rarely go to SM Bicutan even though it’s nearer than SM Makati, but the Etude House at SM Bicutan wasn’t just a stall at the drugstore, it’s a separate store! They had more products than any other Etude House stalls out there. If you’re looking for a hard to find Etude House product, you know where to go!
Etude House Paper Bag 
Since it’s a separate store, you’ll be given a paper bag instead of the generic Watsons plastic bag. :P
Needless to say, I got carried away, and bought more than what I planned to buy. I didn’t even get to buy the Goodbye Pore Ever Primer. Hahaha! :P I got this instead:
Dr. Oil Solution Anti-shine Dual Primer box
Dr. Oil Solution Anti-shine Dual Primer Moisturizing Primer
Dr. Oil Solution Anti-shine Dual Primer Pore Cover
Price: 498 Php 
Isn’t that packaging amazing? Haha! The lid cap contains the Pore Cover, which according to the SA, is just the same as the Goodbye Pore Ever Primer in stick form. So…. Yay! When you unscrew the cap, there’s the moisturizing primer! I’ve read reviews about this product, and some of them don’t even know about the moisturizing primer. They thought that the balm at the top lid was the only product. Not even kidding! I guess I’m lucky enough to have the SA assist me when I was browsing through the store. I got this instead of the Goodbye Pore Ever, because this has dual function, and because the name just fits with that I want to achieve, a shine free face! I really hope this product works for me!
Since the Dual Primer costs 498 Php, the SA advised me to get another product to be able to avail the membership card (500 Php worth or purchase). She recommended the Green Tea Nose Pack.
Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack
Price: 38 Php per piece 
I was out of the Pore Strips from Watsons, anyway. I find this expensive. 38 Php for a single piece? Am I just being kuripot? We’ll see if it is worth the price. I’m going to try this out after I use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
Just when I was about to pay, I saw this! :P
Etude House Happy Teatime Green Tea Cleansing Tissue 
My second makeup remover wipes! If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you already know my experience with my first makeup wipes. If you don’t, click here to read my review of the Celeteque Makeup Remover Wipes. Hope this one would be gentle on the skin! I haven’t tried it out yet. I didn’t wear heavy makeup going to SM Bicutan! I just wore my Maybelline BB Cream for a little bit of sun protection, and my neutral pink Lancome lipstick. :P 
Free Silk Scarf Hair Conditioner 
Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? 
Etude House Pink Membership Card 
My first buy and I already have a membership card! Haha! :lol: The SA said I can put this in my keychain :P
Anyway, that concludes my mini-haul(?). I just wanted to show you products I’m trying/going to try! Look out for reviews after at least a month! :P

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