Sunday, March 18, 2012

NOTD: Valentine's-y Nails

Written February 12, 2012

I’ve been feeling the Valentine’s vibe lately, although I don’t really have a reason to get excited about Valentine’s day. I haven’t been on a single Valentine’s Day date! It’s really sad! :(
Oh well! There are a lot of reasons to be happy, and Valentine’s day is not just for lovers!
You can spend it with other people you love and care about! :)
(Ooh look at me being happy and cheerful)
I decided to paint my nails keeping the Valentine’s theme in mind!

I even drew on a little heart on my left ring finger! :lol:
These are the products I used

I used them in order, from left to right! The pink one is a nail strengthener, which I used as a base. The second one is a purpley taupey color. I used two coats of that. I then applied one coat of the iridescent pinky purple! The light blue one is a clear top coat. All of those are from The Face Shop.  The pump thingy at the back is just my hand and nail moisturizer from Marks & Spencer. I transferred it to an empty, clear, pump. The other thing at the back is my Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover.
I used the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen to draw the heart on my nail. The pen was given to me by Jerome’s sister, Krisha! Thanks, Krisha! :)
That’s it! I don’t think these would last until V-day, though. Haha! :)


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