Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Wet N Wild Palette + My NOTD

Written December 27, 2011

I’ve been itching to buy myself Wet N Wild palettes, since I’ve been seeing it a lot on emilynoel83 ‘s YouTube channel. Imagine how happy I was when I learned they were available here in the Philippines. Emily talks highly of them, so I just had to have one.
I am amazed, I tell you! Haha!
I got the Coloricon in Lust.
Before I show you, I know I wrote about not buying new makeup before the year ends. Well, my mom gave me gift certificates that are about to expire. It’s just enough to buy one, I repeat, one, of the Wet N Wild Coloricon palettes. So yes, I bought ONE. Okay? (Defensive, much)
It looks like this :)

Wet N Wild Coloricon in Lust

I did swatches when I got home, and they were soooooo pigmented! I was so amazed by the intensity of the color. I mean, comparing it to the swatches I did with the Estee Lauder Color Stylist palette, the Wet N Wild is way better.
As I mentioned in the entry I posted with the Estee Lauder swatches, I had to swipe twice, to be able to get the colors to show. But with this palette, I just had to take a small amount, and the color would be really vibrant.
Here are the swatches.

Wet N Wild Coloricon in Lust, swatches 

 This was taken, again, under my very bright, white, lamp. So it might look a little washed out. The leftmost color is a really light pink matte color, next to it is a kind of peachy sparkly color, followed by a purple matte, my fave out of the six is an electric blue (this is the color I expected for the Peacock Blue in the Estee Lauder palette), second to the right is a matte, dark, violet, and the rightmost, is a sparkly dark violet, that almost comes out black. The blue one didn’t show well, since the light was reflected by it’s sparkly-ness :P
Three sparkly shades, and three matte ones! I am so looking forward to buying more of these! I want to buy the trio ones in Walking On Eggshells or Knock on Wood. Those would really make neutral, everyday eye makeup! It also says on the packaging, that these are all-day crease resistant colors. I don’t have a review on that, yet.
I also had my nails done today! My sister and I, got a couple of bottles of nail polish from our cousins for Christmas, and I decided to use them today! I used three colors on my hands today!
3 of my nails are matte! :lol: 

The problem with matte nail polish, is that they’re hard to layer. One coating would be pretty, but when you add another, there’s a big chance that it would be messy.
These are the ones I used
L-R: PP409 from The Face Shop, 73 from Laushine, 32 from Laushine
I don’t know where my cousin got the matte ones, but I’m really loving it!
Hope this post would entertain you while I’m gone!
Happy Holidays!

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