Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Coastal Scents 88 Palette

Written January 11, 2012

Hola subscribers and random readers! Today I have something to blog about, and I’m really excited for this one!
Remember when I posted my Christmas wishlist? I posted Suntok sa Buwan things, which meant that I probably won’t get the items, but I wrote them anyway. Weeeeell, I got one of the items on the list!!
(Click here, to view my Christmas Wishlist)
I finally got my first Coastal Scents palette!! (I might get a second palette! Only time will tell :lol: )
Coastal Scents Original 88 Palette
(actual pic)
 I received this today and I was sooooo excited! My mom wasn’t excited at all, though. She thinks it’s a waste of money :lol:
My sister bought this for me as a Christmas gift, BTW. My loyal readers might be thinking “she mentioned she was a broke bum, how did she buy that?”. Well, I didn’t! Haha! I just have awesome sisters who buy me stuff! I’m the youngest of three girls, and my sisters are already earning their own money. That leaves me, the broke bum, who also happens to be the spoiled daughter & sister. :)
I’m really trying to build my makeup collection. I threw a lot of little palettes, I had decades ago.
Okay, I was exaggerating. First, I only lived two decades of my life. Second, I didn’t have any makeup 10 years ago. But you get it, the little palettes were years old, and they already hardened… Blah, blah. You get the point. I need new makeup. I found myself empty-handed, eyeshadow wise.
You might be thinking, “Why is she so excited? It’s not even expensive!”. Well, let me tell you, I live in the Philippines, and shipping costs nearly double of the price of the palette. Yuuuup. So I’m totally not willing to spend that much money.
So where did we get it? We bought it from a trusted seller on Multiply. Multiply really made online shopping easier. However, I don’t trust just anyone there. I look for the Trusted Seller sign. That’s how I know my money would be safe. :)
(Click to view Multiply site)
I’m happy that my sister was willing to buy me this. It means that she doesn’t think it’s a waste of money! :lol: Plus, I think that the real reason she bought me this, was because I’m the one who does their makeup during special occasions. Haha! I don’t know why, but I’m the only one who developed the love-love for makeup. I feel like my sisters only wear makeup, just to be able to wear makeup. Do you get what I mean? No? Well… sucks for you! :lol:
What I mean is that I love experimenting with makeup! Unlike my sisters who would just stick to one color of lipstick or blush for years.
Well, this surely became a long post! I just really wanted to share my excitement!
Hope you found this somehow entertaining! :P

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