Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Anti-Shine Dual Primer (Review)

It's been a months since I got these, which means... Review time!

Here's what it looks like.

 Dr. Oil Anti-shine Dual Primer Box
  Dr. Oil Anti-shine Dual Primer
  Dr. Oil Anti-shine Dual Primer Pore Cover
 Dr. Oil Anti-shine Dual Primer  Moisturizing Primer

Etude House Anti-shine Dual Primer Ingredients

Etude House Dr. Oil Solutions Anti-shine Dual Primer Price: 498 Php

As I mentioned in my first official post, my skin type is oily/combination. That being said, a product like this excites me! I was originally going to buy the Goodbye Pore Ever Stick, but this product really looked promising. Not only did it have the Pore Cover, which is the same formulation as the Goodbye Pore Ever stick, it also has the moisturizing primer for oily skin. With a little price difference, I thought this product was a steal.

For the moisturizing primer part:
It was really thin in consistency, which should be good if it were able to really moisturize my skin. However, I don't feel that much moisture. My skin is dry in some parts, which means that it would need a little more moisture than my T-zone. Maybe it just doesn't work well with my combination skin, but for me, it just didn't do its job. If you're really oily, maybe this would work for you. This also has a subtle scent, and it dries almost immediately. It will leave your skin matte and smooth.

For the pore cover:
I think this part of the product does what it promises. It covers your pores. I don't have huge pores, but they're fairly visible, I think. It comes off white at first, but it will easily blend with your skin tone. The amount of this product is not equally proportioned. The pore cover is really meant for only some areas, while the moisturizing primer is for the whole face.

Together, I think it just didn't meet my expectations. This product didn't prevent my skin from being oily, which is actually why I bought this. 
If you're really oily, and looking for a good moisturizer and pore cover, then maybe this is the product for you. If you're dry or oily/combination like me, and you're looking for a good pore cover, then I would just recommend the Goodbye Pore Ever stick primer.

Overall, I didn't really like this product as a primer. I liked the Ellana face primer better. I'm still using this up, though. When I finish this, maybe I'll just get the Goodbye Pore Ever Stick primer. That's the one I originally planned to get anyway. :P

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