Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nichido and IN2IT Liquid Eyeliners: A Comparison (review)

Ellana and Nichido are local (Philippines) brands, while IN2IT, I think, is available in South East Asia. In my haul post, I talked about buying the Nichido eyeliner, because I thought it was what my sister uses. Turns out she was using IN2IT liquid eyeliner in All Black, Matte. She got me my own IN2IT eyeliner, and I compared it with the Nichido one 

Nichido Liquid Eyeliner
Price: 68 Php

IN2IT Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof
Price: 235 Php

The two together

As you can see, the IN2IT eyeliner has a longer applicator, which for me is easier to use. I forgot to take a picture of the brush, but the Nichido liner has a longer, but thinner one. I don’t know with other people, but I find the shorter brush easier to manipulate. The Nichido liner also itches at first, when it’s still wet on my lid. I didn’t encounter that problem with IN2IT. Maybe the Nichido formula is stronger? or I may be a little allergic to something in the formula. 

Left - Nichido, Right - IN2IT

I told you it was easier to apply. :lol: And for some reason, I applied the IN2IT liner, evenly. Although the IN2IT liner claims to be waterproof and ‘long wearing’, as it says on the box, when I rubbed the two swatches, it lightened at the same time. I haven’t worn the Nichido liner for more than 5 hours, but I have worn the IN2IT one, longer than that. Neither of the two really lightened when I wore them, but I guess it needs more testing if you want to see if it lasts really long.
So yeah, I guess IN2IT just worked better for me. Although, I think, for 68 pesos, you get what you paid for. :)

Hope you found this helpful!


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